Academy Player Membership Forms

Individual soccer players residing anywhere in the North Texas area can request an Academy Player Registration form from Cleburne Soccer Association for just $30.00 per season. This is a completely electronic process and does not require parents to have to go anywhere to obtain the form. We do not require players to be on a recreational team in order to register for Academy Soccer. A copy of player’s Birth Certificate is required at time of registration. You can take a picture with your phone or upload a scanned copy. 

This form is required for player participation in any NTSSA academy program or tournament. This form must be available at all training and competitions for insurance purposes. No formal contract or written commitment may be signed by or on behalf of the player to commit a player to an academy team.

Soccer Academy play is in addition to recreational play. Players may join any Soccer Academy of their choosing within their age group, and are not required to obtain a release from their NTSSA recreational team to participate on an Academy team. Players must present a form of proof of registration signed by a Cleburne Soccer Association registrar each time they participate with an Academy. Players may join as many Soccer Academies as they like as long as the Soccer Academy is recognized by a North Texas Soccer Member Youth Association.


Academy Tournament Roster

Coaches needing their academy tournament roster signed by the Cleburne Soccer Association Registrar can submit the form here. It will be returned to you within 24-72 hours provided all of the information is present and correct. Please plan ahead before you enter a tournament. We cannot sign these forms last-minute.

Soccer Academy teams are not considered “registered teams,” and therefore do not have to follow recreational team formation rules. Soccer Academy teams may not enter NTSSA sanctioned tournaments unless the tournament has specified a “Soccer Academy” bracket. In that event, players must declare which Soccer Academy team they will play with in the tournament and may only play for one team in a tournament.